Wednesday, January 14, 2004
To: Andy, Kevin, Panozzo, Ahrial, Amber, Jeskah, Risa.

"Your Horoscope Capricorn (December 21-January 19)
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Daily Extended
January 14, 2004

You can see the logic of natural obstacles. It's those human-made roadblocks that drive you crazy. Why do people do these things, and more importantly, why do they have to happen on your watch? You hate feelings of futility when you know that all is not yet lost. Review your course without actually returning to your starting point. Partial measures might be necessary if you hope to advance your agenda. Don't be afraid to turn in an incomplete version. A little bit is better than nothing at all. Someone who understands you will see where you're going with this."

Well- if you didn't know that was in my buddy profile today. That's my horoscope. Maybe you guys haven't noticed it but our little groups going to hell. Theres way too much tension. Everybody is going off their seperate ways, and thats dumb. We've all been friends for a long time and now we argue and talk behind each others backs more than we say hi to each other in the hall. Ahrial agrees with me I think. It's dumb. I'm sick of it. We ALL need to figure this out. This is kind of more directed to the girls, but guys...are you sure that all of your "close" friends are as close as they were? And because i know some of them aren't why don't you care? Doesn't it bother you at least a little that you might be losing one or some of your best friends? Well- apparently it bothers some of us more than others...

But maybe it's time to "move on" and all go our seperate ways...

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Friday, January 09, 2004
Ambers the new jackie pt.2

Continuting...i'm now going to go to the game and the dance (with ahrial). We talked a lot, for like an hour and a half, about this whole jeska thing. See heres whats happening. Ah and I are getting pushed aside because she's the ex-girlfriend and im the ex-best friend. Like everybody thinks that because it bothers her that jeska and kevin are together, she's jealous, and trust me i'm with her enough to know that shes not. And kevin and i talked ALL the time but now its like kevin is best friends with amber, forget jackie. And im not sure how he meant ambers the new jackie. because as annoying as he may be, i took the millions and millions of times a day he called me. But now, since he's liked jess, him and amber are all talky and i don't talk to him anymore. its like im losing another friend, which i really can't do right now. I have ahrial as my best friend still. It feels like amber and jeska want to be exlcusive best friends and not have anybody else, so they're out. And now me and kevin aren't anymore. Risa and I "split up" and theres nobody else left. i feel really sad.

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"Ambers the new Jackie"

Maybe I'm overdramatic but kevin had that in his profile, and that really pisses me off. I dont know why. But it does, so fuck him. Plus- thats really mean. UGH! Today sucks. I'm not gunna go to the dance, or the game fuck that. I don't feel like being around people that apparently don't think im worthy of being their friend. i have to do my chores- ill write in like 10 min

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Thursday, January 08, 2004
homework- baked lays- and pencils

I'm bored. I'm talking to kevin. kevin and i are each others black friends because nobody at my school who is black likes us...which makes me feel like i'm a minority repelent...weehoo. i drew lindsay a picture last night. its oh so beautiful. know what else is beautiful? somebody (jump on silly horses under appletrees) homework time

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
lots and lots of ariekke

Yesterday was a pissy day. I was mad yesterday morning because my mom was running late cuz i asked her to take me to school. And kevin was complaining about me and that really didn't make me happy. He said that i don't listen. BULL! I listen all the time! and my mom went to a meeting last night and she scared me by not answering her phone on her way home. i thought she got into an accident. jeska, amber, and ahrial were the only three people that i didn't completely hate. kristy was making me mad yesterday. i had a headache and she was bugging me because she sat behind me in german. and in psychology i wanted to sleep- but NOOOO! Of course i had to not sleep. which was homosexual like a monkey! And then after school ahrial came to my house and we laughed a lot- so i was in a better mood. We did our geometry homework. ::hiccups::

so today well it was going to be another bad day because i was mean to my mommy in the morning ( i sent her an ecard today when i got home from arielles). but when i got to school i was in a better mood. and then....nothing new happened. i hate science. i hate everything about school right now. its really gay. then afterschool i went to ahrials and her mom and her brother and i talked about boobs and why greg was comparing the size of his thumb to the size of maggies nipple. lol. it was an interesting conversation. .. I've been talking to lindsay alot. she's rawkin, not that she wasn't before. But yeah. what else- oh i talk to risa alot more too.

well i think thats it

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Monday, January 05, 2004
War all the Time

Not only a grrrrrrrreat cd by thursday, it kind of describes my house. My mom's either sad, I'm sad, or my dads sad. Arielles family seems really happy...i wish my family would be like that. it's really weird. it makes me depressed---don't feel like writing anymore


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Sunday, January 04, 2004

I feel bad. i was going to go upstairs to watch a movie and i yelled down @ my dad and told him and i think he took it personally. it wasn't because of him. i just wanted to go upstairs because i didn't want to be downstairs because I'm tired. mom and him need to talk really bad. its driving me insane.

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I missed my widdle blog

heylo.  Wow.  i missed having my blog.  woohoo.  alrighty then. update- last journal has been retired.  I go for about 30 entries then i change it again. this time i'll just change the location of it.  so anyways.  i have a lot of homework to do today and its 1:31.  ugh. i should really get started. wait. never mind screw homework .  i'm talking to risa right now. i think were friends again. people can kiss my anus if they don't like it.  because i have not changed since ive been friends with her.  i just needed time to change by myself.  what else?  mom and dad still kinda aren't talking. i hope it clears up though. i need to take a shower. my head itches. :-(. anyways. well i'm going to go

i know that you want the sawks i rawk

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